6 Great Tips for Healthy Teeth

Picture of a blue and white toothbrush with clear toothpaste on itHere at finger lakes wellness, we wish for you to have as much information regarding overall health as possible. Oral hygiene is the cornerstone of healthy teeth. If you are looking to get a Colgate smile, you have come to the right place. Dental health is a fundamental practice, and everyone should know how to take care of their teeth properly. Afterall you only get one set, so it is best to learn how to keep them. In this article, you will learn six tips to maintain a healthy smile.

Floss & Brush Every Day

While it is a general practice to brush at least once a day, twice a day is far better. You should also floss after you brush to remove all the food particles that are stuck in between your teeth. The best time to brush your teeth is after a meal. The time it takes to brush your teeth should be around two minutes.

You should replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. The bristles will often go bad any time after this which can lead to poor cleaning, so it is best to throw it out and replace it. You should also replace your toothbrush after you have been sick to prevent the spread of germs.

Have a Healthy Diet

You will want to eat foods that neutralize acids, to prevent your teeth enamel from breaking down. Example of foods that are good for your teeth is cheese, vegetables, nuts, and fruits. If you can, you should try to stay away from sugary foods, since it increases plaque levels. At the very least, you should brush your teeth thoroughly after eating any sweets.

Man in white shirt holding a thumb up with a big healthy smile

Drink a Good Amount of Water

Water is excellent for your teeth because it increases the production of saliva. Saliva is beneficial for healthy teeth. Drinking water is also fantastic for your overall health since it will keep you hydrated. If you have a hard time giving up soda, you may even want to try sparkling water. Many companies now have flavored sparkling water which doesn’t contain sugar and would be healthier for you than drinking a sugary drink.

Make Sure to Get Vitamin D and Calcium

Calcium is also a necessity to having healthy teeth. You can get a good source of calcium from nuts and dairy products such as milk. For your body to absorb calcium, you will need to make sure you’re getting vitamin D. You can quickly get your daily vitamin D from being in the sunlight.

Use Fluoride

Fluoride has been proven to prevent tooth decay, so you may want to try to find toothpaste that contains fluoride. Most big brand toothpaste has fluoride, so it shouldn’t be hard to find. If you are prone to cavities, you may want to ask your dentist about prescribing toothpaste with a higher percentage of fluoride.

a young boy having his teeth inspected by a dentist

Visit a Dentist

Visiting your dentist every six months is an important step to ensure that you have healthy teeth. A dental hygienist will be able to clean your teeth thoroughly, which is something needed every three to six months. The dentist will also be able to take x-rays to check for cavities and other dental issues.

Regular visits to a dentist like Affinity Dental are “a great idea since they can prevent serious problems from untreated tooth decay” Says the team. Tooth decay that is left untreated can lead to root canals or tooth extraction.

These are some simple tips that you can use today if you want to have a healthier smile. Be sure to use these tips if you wish to prevent tooth decay. They are straightforward but effective steps that will give you that Colgate smile.